Basis for the opening of Finex have served successful work on the Forex market several experienced traders. In May 2009, Matt Sanders and Henry Ringley have registered investment company FINEX in a respected and safe jurisdiction of Washington. Day after day, highly skilled team worked carefully to build a strong financial company for trust management of investments in the global currency market Forex.

Our company has more than three years cooperated with large American investors.Many of them are working with us to date and become regular partners for us, trusting us their money. During these years we have stabilized and increased the monthly income of a several times. Due to large volume of current assets, we can influence the trend and predict the outcome of bidding between currency pairs. Professional trading strategy of our traders, together with the robotic systems, allows us to generate very high income on our investments due to growth of value of the currency market.

Since November 26, 2012 management of company FINEX was decided to work via the Internet with all customers all over the world concluding the a contract about trust management of funds online. Now, everyone can invest in our company their money and receive stable profit every day. It became possible due automating hardware systems for foreign exchange trading. We guarantee income, which we offer in ours investment plans and we minimize all kind of risks.

Our goal is to create an even more powerful companies with large working capital that will allow for a long time reliably pay dividends to our clients. We do not offer overstated and unrealistic percent profit. All of our investment plans are created based on the guaranteed received incomes during 2012.Gradually, we will open for our customers new and long-term investment funds with high profitability. Now it is sufficient to register and open an account in FINEX company via the Internet, in order to participate in our investment funds. All payments are made automatically every day on popular payment system Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.We always with great responsibility approach to each client and pleasant feelings from grateful words about our work last more long, than from the made profit.

Our company also offers a unique referral program. You can earn money on attracting new investors up to third level. Inviting clients via your referral link, you will receive income from their deposits in the same day without delays.

Good investment and high profits! We are glad that you have chosen Finex company and we will do our best to not undermine the credibility that we received during these years. Henry Ringley The rich and the water flows uphill, and the poor, and in the valley should dig a pit. We’ve already done all for you and turn flows back! Success and many positive emotions! Matt Sanders